Omega Disability, LLC is a company dedicated to securing Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for people who are incapable of maintaining regular employment due to debilitating physical and mental conditions. Omega Disability provides representation to claimants throughout the entire administrative process. This representation will include assisting claimants with their initial application for benefits, through a hearing before an administrative law judge, and the subsequent appeals process if necessary.

Omega Disability was started by Matthew Sanders, a former in-house attorney for a major non-profit organization, Robert McMullen, a former United States Marine, and Robert Crowell, a dedicated advocate for the disadvantaged. Mr. Sanders, Mr. Crowell, and Mr. McMullen turned to Social Security Disability advocacy as a way to give back to individuals that have fallen on hard times. Between them, these advocates have handled several hundred disability cases through the year 2015 alone, and have achieved significant successes for their clients. While the national approval percentage for disability claims at any level of the SSDI/SSI process is approximately 35-40%, the attorneys at Omega Disability won a significantly higher percentage* of their cases. This resulted in significant benefits being paid to claimants who would otherwise have had no income, including substantial back benefits to compensate them for the time they had spent unable to work prior to their hearings.

Omega Disability plans to expand upon this impressive track record of success by providing advocacy where many disability practitioners fall short. This includes pushing the Social Security Administration to approve a greater percentage of claimants at the initial application level through the submission of completed files with an application, briefs directed at single decision makers, and the development of persuasive evidence. Initially, Omega Disability will provide these services to individuals in the greater New England and New York City areas through its offices in Waltham, Massachusetts and Greenwich, Connecticut.

At Omega, we believe that every disabled individual has the right to benefits, and we will fight to ensure that right is protected.

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