Claimant Resources

At Omega Disability, we recognize that some claimants have difficulty making ends meet while their disability application is being considered. There are resources available to those who need assistance with regular monthly needs. Below is a list of services and resources in areas where Omega Disability provides services that can help Social Security Disability claimants until their applications have been approved:

Lifeline Telephones

Lifeline telephones are free or reduced cost phones available to those that meet certain eligibility requirements. You can find out about the eligibility criteria here and here. Lifeline telephones can be either a landline or cellular telephone.

Winter Heat Shutoff Statutes

It is illegal for utility companies to turn off your electricity or heat during the winter. Moreover, most states will have minimum requirements for the habitability of any residence. This page provides a list of the state statutes that govern turning off utilities during the winter and basic information on the process claimants can follow with the power company to ensure that they stay on.